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During the last few years of her tragically short life, Edie had a problem with a dependency on drugs. As a result, she became a patient at a number of hospitals but at one stage, things were so bad for her in the Manhattan State Hospital in New York that her mother eventually was forced to take her out. Edie ended up being admitted to the Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara. Edie was not like the other patients because she was able to leave and take day visits - a special perk. Edie made a number of friends inside and she was very popular. During her stay Edie met the person who would later become her husband, Mike Post. With his tremendous help and encouragement, Edie started on the long road back to a recovery.

Sadly, Edie's recovery was temporary, as she died during the night of November 15th 1971.


For an all too brief space of time Edie Sedgwick was the bright light of Andy Warhols insular world of self proclaimed superstars. Beautiful, wealthy and emotionally troubled, her life of excitement and excess withered rapidly into debt, drug abuse and isolation. Discarded by the social glitterati when her instability became increasingly difficult to ignore, Edie's position as the girl of last year and eventual unremarked death stand as a scathing indictment of the fickleness of fame.

A reader of Jean Stein's book, 8 July, 1997.