Edie: An Introduction

At the current time, the only book to fully document Edie's life was written by Jean Stein, entitled "Edie: An American Biography". This book provides an insight into Edie's family life, with a complete look at the Sedgwick family history through a number of generations. Details of Edie's college career are included together with Edie's move to New York and some of the events at the Factory. This book is produced in a documentary style and includes interview style remarks from many people who knew Edie.

At the time of it's initial release this book received a number of reviews and for those people that wanted to find out more about Edie, it has been the only source of information. However, the very structure of the book and the way that comments have been taken from interviews makes it very difficult for the reader to assess the truth of the information presented. It also has to be said that despite presenting a wide ranging account of Edie's life, her biographers do not attempt to offer any opinion or examination into Edie's life, family, achievements, events at the Factory or, at the end, her very tragic death.

Edie: An American Biography, by Jean Stein. Edited by George Plimpton. Published by Alfred A Knopf, New York, 1982 and in the UK by Johnathan Cape, London. ISBN 0 39448819 9
Various editions of this book have been produced in both hardback and paperback. Covers were modified by the publishers for the UK edition.

The following books also make for excellent reading:

Stargazer, Andy Warhol's World and His Films by Stephen Koch. 2nd Edition Published by Marion Boyars, 1985 and then re-issued again in 1991 with a brand new chapter covering the death of Andy Warhol. This book gives an assessment on Warhol's life and his film-making career - and also includes a very complete filmography. ISBN 0714510378

All Tomorrow's Parties : Billy Name's Photographs of Andy Warhol's Factory by Billy Name, Dave Hickey and Collier Schorr. Published by D.A.P./Frieze, 1997. ISBN: 1881616843

All Tomorrow's Parties includes wonderful photographs at the factory. This is a lovely production, enabling people with an interest in the factory and the factory entourage to see photographs, many of which are in glorious colour.

Billy Name: Stills from the Warhol Films by Debra Miller. Published by Prestel-Verlag, 1994 ISBN:3-7913-1367-3

This book includes descriptions of Warhol's early Factory films from 1963-1967 together with some amazing black and white photographs taken by Billy Name.

Warhol by David Bourdon. Published by Harry N Abrams, New York, 1989. A book covering Warhol's life and art career. Complete with many photos and art prints. ISBN 0810917610

Andy Warhol's Art and Films by Patrick S.Smith. Published by UMI Research Press, Michigan, 1986. This book examines Warhol as an artist, and includes a large Section at the end of the book in which the author has transcribed complete interviews with many factory regulars. ISBN 083571733X

Famous for 15 minutes, My years with Andy Warhol by Ultra Violet. Published by Metheun, London, 1989. There is a complete chapter in this book which refers to Edie. This is a lovely book which documents Ultra's life and times. ISBN 0413615308

Andy Warhol, A Retrospective. Published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1996.

This is a very large book, some 480 pages, many of which include Warhol plates showing the entire Warhol portfolio from early drawings to the later works. This book was produced to mark the first major Warhol respective at the MOMA.

Andy Warhol, the Factory Years 1964 - 1967 by Nat Finkelstein. Published by Sigwick and Jackson, London. ISBN 0 283 99871 7

This book includes a number of photographs from within the factory and from parties in NYC. I have to report that the author makes some disturbing comments about Edie in this book. One would seriously have to question the author's reasons for documenting spiteful comments, about anyone, in this way.

Andy Warhol, A Novel. Published by Grove Press.

A was a small hand typed book, documenting real factory life - initially an idea to record 24 hours in the life of Ondine. The book used nicknames to distinguish between factory characters.

My Face for the World to See. The Diaries, Letters and Drawings of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar. Published 1997 by Hardy Marks Publications. Edited by Jeremiah Newton, Francesca Passalacqua and Craig Okino. ISBN 094536721X.

Chic Death, Poems by Gerard Malanga. Published 1971 by Pym-Randall.

Son of Andy Warhol by Taylor Mead - I am currently trying to locate a copy of this rather small, but very interesting book.

A large number of Warhol related books and articles have been published - I would recommend to all interested readers that the above book list will provide an excellent starting position.

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